Arlington Bahá’ís Describe Joy, Excitement in Atlanta!

On Friday December 5th, a group of Bahá’ís from Arlington and Alexandria headed down to Atlanta for the latest in a series of international conferences (See the post below). Some flew, some drove, others took a joyful bus ride together. Below are some reports that were received by participants at that conference:

“The focus of the conferences is encouraging the participation of every Bahá’í and friends of Bahá’ís in activities that address the spiritual requirements of the day in which we live, studying together the Word of God, praying together, offering spiritual education to our children and developing the moral character of our young people to prepare for lives of service to humanity. After stimulating, funny, inspiring speeches by members of the Continental Counselors from the International Teaching Center, the participants studied together letters from the Universal House of Justice and then gathered in small groups to discuss specific needs and commitments in geographic areas. Everyone was urged to make a pledge of increased activity. To feed the souls of all the conference attendees, musical performances filled Saturday evening.”
~ Kit, from Arlington, VA

“I can’t express the joy and energy (spiritual) we got from the Atlanta conference and can’t describe it in words. All what I can say, that this conference was indeed “unique”, I have never been to a conference like it before. This photo was taken moments before we board the bus back to Virginia ”
~ Baher, from Arlington, VA

To be a Baha’i traveling back
From the Atlanta Conference

Where the same box lunch
Was served at all three meals
Where the dining room was
The floor itself
Where people of every
Astounding stripe sat beside
One another with
Joy and hope

Is to be so flooded with
As to be sleepless

Is to be struck dumb
With love
Unable to do anything
But smile, weep and pray
For the chance to serve

This is the Wonder
The Miracle
The Radiant Gift

The Beloved of the Worlds
Appeared in the face
Of His gloriously humbled

~ Susan, from Alexandria, VA

[note: Continental Counselors are individuals appointed by the Universal House of Justice, the international governing body, to oversee the protection and propagation of the Bahá’í Faith around the world. Nine of these individuals serve on the International Teaching Center in Haifa, Israel, where the world headquarters of the Bahá’í Faith is located.]