Who has a junior youth group makin’ things happen? Arlington does!

The “Pretty Panthers” are a Junior Youth Group in Arlington who have been working on many fundraising efforts ranging from Halloween-night UNICEF donation collections to hosting bakes sales to raise money for the Seva Foundation, which helps blind people in poor countries regain their sight.

The Pretty Panthers’ Youth Group consists of 4-6 people, depending on busy school and personal schedules. They work on art projects, fundraisers, bake sales and much more! One of the various projects the Pretty Panthers are working on is constructing and preparing works of art for display at “Busboys and Poets” in the Shirlington neighborhood of Arlington. Proceeds for the display will go to Seva. This dynamic youth group is attempting to raise $1,500 for the Seva Foundation where the money will help sponsor a 1-day eye camp in a poor country, where up to 30 people can come in and get an eye operation to regain their sight.

Come support the Pretty Panthers in their latest Seva Foundation fundraising endeavor Friday (tomorrow), February 3 from 3:45pm until there aren’t any cookies left. Location: 900 N. Stuart Street in the Ballston neighborhood of Arlington, just outside the Meridian apartments and across from Macy’s. They will be selling all kinds of baked goodies!

Want to get involved? The Pretty Panthers meet every Friday afternoon. Check them out on their Pretty Panthers Facebook page or contact the Arlington Baha’i Community for more details.

Faith in Action

The Bahá’í International Community has made available on its website 500 photographs from all around the world of Bahá’ís and their friends together studying the Word of God, teaching their children virtues and spiritual values, and raising up young people to serve their communities. You can access the site here.

Junior Youth Groups

Junior youth groups facilitated by trained youth “animators” help youth to develop their latent capabilities and contribute to meaningful service in the community. The groups engage in learning, socializing, arts, sports and service activities. Attention is given to enhancing their powers of expression, recognizing the moral issues underlying everyday decisions and the moral implications of their speech and actions, developing friendships, withstanding negative peer pressure, and building unity and enhancing global citizenship.

If you are interested in participating in a junior youth group your area, please contact us.