Stamford, CT Bahá’í Conference

A group of Bahá’ís from Arlington attended the regional Bahá’í conference in Stamford, CT on December 13th and 14th. This conference was part of the series of 41 conferences that have been taking place all over the world. The purpose of this conference was to celebrate, study, and plan. We were celebrating the past achievements, studying the most recent guidance from the Universal House of Justice, and planning activities in our local communities.

The Bible and the Bahá’í writings

Christian“Thank God, for He hath uncovered the veil from before thine eye, and that thou hast witnessed the great signs of the greatest glad-tidings which have been revealed in the Gospel, Bible and the Psalms; and wert confirmed that verily those glad-tidings have allusions to the appearance of the Kingdom of God during this time, and that the horizons shall brighten through the light of the effulgence in this age, which is the age of the lights and the century of thy God, the Powerful, the Almighty!” ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


To find out more about the Bible and the Bahá’í writings, we invite you to join the Arlington Bahá’í Community on Friday December 19, 2008 at 7:30pm for a lively discussion and light refreshments. For more information or directions, please contact the Bahá’ís of Arlington. Before the discussion there will be a brief overview of the Bahá’í Faith as well as music provided by Hillary Chapman.

Baha’i Conference in Atlanta – Part 2

[Note: There was such excitement in Atlanta that other Baha’is from Arlington wanted to share their thoughts. A special thank you to Mitko for providing these wonderful pictures-click “Read the full article”]

“The coolest thing about this conference that kept resonating with me was this quote from a letter from that Universal House of Justice that we read “May all find a part to play.” We all have a part to play to uplift humanity. We should not underestimate the process, it may seem simple, but it is profound.”
~ Blair, Arlington, VA

“Have you been on a road never traveled before? Where you have to trust the directions or you risk getting overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown and turning back too soon, before reaching the goal. Now imagine that 4000 others are on the same road. Or to be more precise, imagine that 6 million others are heading in the same direction, following paths as unique as each one of us is.” This is how Mitko described the Atlanta conference. To read his full post please visit his blog.

Local Author Speaking Today!

Local Arlingtonian Aaron Emmel will be discussing his book “Taking Action in a Changing World” at the DC Bahá’í Center today, Sunday November 23rd. As Kathleen Kettler Lehman said in her review of the book:

“Everybody should read this book, right now! This book is for everyone who has struggled to get their community involved. This book is for everyone who has looked at social projects being carried out elsewhere and wondered “why can’t we do something like that here?”

“Aaron Emmel’s Taking Action in a Changing World (published by George Ronald) takes a broad view of socioeconomic projects, and explores what must be done to set up efficient agencies of action. His book is written in short chapters, with an eye toward group reading and discussion.”

You can read the full review here or an interview with Mr. Emmel here. But the best way to find out about this book is to come to the discussion at the DC Bahá’í center located at 5713 16th Street, NW. There will be devotions at 11:00 and then the talk will follow. Everyone is invited to attend.