Martyrdom of The Báb

Commemorating the Martyrdom of the Bab On July 9 every year, Bahá’ís commemorate the day when the Báb was martyred. The Báb, which is Arabic for the “Gate,” was the title taken by Muhammad-’Alí, who announced in Shiraz in 1844 that He was the promised one whom the Holy Books of the past had foretold. The Báb had a twofold purpose. His primary mission was to prepare the world for the imminent arrival of  another Divine Messenger. (Bahá’u’lláh, announced in April 1863 that He was the Divine Messenger the Báb had promised.) Yet He also brought His own independent, distinctive religion, the Bábi Faith. In carrying out this mission He called for the spiritual and moral reformation of Persian society, as well as championed improved treatment of women and the poor.

The religious and political leaders of the day arose to oppose and to persecute the Báb and His followers. The Báb’s ministry lasted 6 years. Yet during that time, around than 20,000 of His followers were killed. Then, although guilty of no crime, on July 9, 1850 at 12:00 noon He was executed by firing squad. You can read more about the stunning events of this day here. It is tragic that more than 160 years later Bahá’ís are still being persecuted and threatened with death in Iran.

The Arlington Baha’i Community will commemorate the Martyrdom of The Báb on Thursday, July 9, at Bon Air Park located at 850 N. Lexington St., Arlington, VA 22205. Everyone is welcome to join us in commemorating this Holy day. We will meet in the rose garden or the covered pavilion in the event of rain. We will begin with prayers at 11:30am. Light refreshments will be served. You are welcome to just show up, but if you need a ride or have any questions please contact us.