Baha’i Conference in Atlanta – Part 2

[Note: There was such excitement in Atlanta that other Baha’is from Arlington wanted to share their thoughts. A special thank you to Mitko for providing these wonderful pictures-click “Read the full article”]

“The coolest thing about this conference that kept resonating with me was this quote from a letter from that Universal House of Justice that we read “May all find a part to play.” We all have a part to play to uplift humanity. We should not underestimate the process, it may seem simple, but it is profound.”
~ Blair, Arlington, VA

“Have you been on a road never traveled before? Where you have to trust the directions or you risk getting overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown and turning back too soon, before reaching the goal. Now imagine that 4000 others are on the same road. Or to be more precise, imagine that 6 million others are heading in the same direction, following paths as unique as each one of us is.” This is how Mitko described the Atlanta conference. To read his full post please visit his blog.

“Tons of people kept volunteering to help their communities – it was amazing to see all of these people rising up to serve. My favorite part was on Saturday night when there was a huge concert with wonderful musical performances. Since I’m from Atlanta it was also a kind of homecoming, it was nice to see people that I haven’t seen since before I moved here.”
~Alyssa, Arlington, VA

To read more about the Atlanta conference or to see more pictures (including other ones taken by Mitko) please visit the Bahá’í World News Service.